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Police are seeking information after vandals raided the outdoor dining area of ​​a Lilli Pilli cafe on Father’s Day weekend, September 5-6. A spokeswoman for South Coast Police said the offender (s) entered the outdoor dining room, which was open between 8 p.m. Saturday and 5 a.m. Sunday. Roof lights were knocked down and thrown to the ground, 10 large ceramic pots were smashed, and 12 outdoor dining chairs were stolen. THREE66 Espresso Bar owner Tammie Goodliffe said she hadn’t had a chance to clean up the mess because food and drinks had to be prepared for families arriving for Father’s Day. She arrived at the cafe at 4:45 am but did not realize the damage done until sunrise. She said the violators threw the potted plants over the balcony in the parking lot of the Mosquito Bay boat launch. The 60-meter pontoon party lights were ripped off, dragged through the parking lot and were partly on the road. “At 6 am, all the Father’s Day people were arriving with their boats,” she said. “They had no choice, you could hear the ceramic slamming under the wheels.” She said there were searchlights on, so it would have been as bright as “great daylight” at the time of the attack. Staff requested more chairs for the busy day ahead to replace the 12 that were stolen. She said it would be expensive to replace what was stolen or destroyed. Plus, plants – including succulents, herbs, and a fig tree – took a long time to grow. “They (the plants) wouldn’t have looked like them (the delinquents),” she said. “I feel disappointed. I thought we lived in a better place.” She said all of the customers are disappointed and support the business. Police have asked anyone with information about the incident to call Batemans Bay Police at 4472 0099 or Crime Stoppers at 1800 333 000. READ MORE


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