River Cafe menu expands with Tibetan dumplings


Hand rolled, filled and twisted Tibetan dumplings served with a fiery but somehow soothing sauce is now the house specialty at River cafe. Since Nomadic Momo took over the little cafe across from the old Farmers Exchange building a year ago, the bespoke dumplings have found a home and an audience. And now I’m one of them. Many of you are familiar with these dumplings, made by a keen Tibetan entrepreneur who passes by Rabies, farmers’ markets. But you might not know that River Cafe also serves these irresistible dumplings, made with transparent wheat dough and filled with tangy vegan ingredients, as well as chicken or beef. River Cafe still offers the classic morning and lunch menu we have known for a long time. And yes, you can still visit the cafe for your morning espresso and pastries from Kelly bakery. But I was on the trail of a momo dumpling, the little “dim sum” filled with North Asian succulents, and I surprised myself ordering the vegan variety. After a short wait – all orders are custom made – I returned from finding specialty bikes and luxury items at Patagonia in Rabgee packing a take out box filled with eight dumplings, a large salad of mixed lettuce and a container of just hot fiery sauce. Inside my vegan dumplings was a light and very delicious mix of bean noodles, garlic, kale, tofu, and cilantro. Fluffy with a bit of crunch inside, each plump and fluffy golf ball-sized dumpling made me reach for another, and another. Like a very light crunchy wine, these were quite refreshing. I was glowing with garlic by the time I was done. Which always makes me reach for a piece of dark chocolate, but that’s another story. Plenty of paninis, pastries, and breakfast burritos join the River Cafe menu, along with coffee, beer, and wine. But above all, you don’t want to miss the chance to taste these authentic Tibetan momos, you will be hooked. River Café, open daily from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. 415 River Street Ste. K.

Midas Touch by Storrs

Pam and Steve Storrs know their way around a vineyard, and the latest harvest of Storrs Chardonnays 2019 won a handful of gold at the Sunset Wine Competition 2021. A double gold, 96 points, went to Rodeo Ridge, Santa Cruz Mountains Chardonnay . With Storrs Chards of Christie Vineyard, Wildcat Ridge and St. Clare Santa Clara Valley, each winning gold medals. The next time you’re browsing the wine racks, you’ll know what to look for. Congratulations to the highly qualified winemakers!

Meanwhile, tickets are now on sale for a special winemaker’s dinner at Davenport’s Wine bar of the slow coast—The second home in a vast array of fine wines crafted by Ryan Beauregard. Join the guest chefs Chad hyatt and Michael miller to August 7, for a menu featuring local King Salmon Belly Tartare with Seaweed and Crispy Sesame, and California Cassoulet with ingredients such as Duck Confit and Portuguese Sausage. Slow Coast Wine Bar, 450 Highway 1, Davenport. 831 600-7402.

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