Diz’s Cafe menu overview: opening of the new Elm Street restaurant “as soon as possible”


From left to right, Gary “Diz” Window, Judi Window, Billy Martin and Michelle Guild, a “before” photo taken in January 2020 BC (before COVID). Photo / Carole Robidoux

MANCHESTER, NH – Even those with plans, punctual construction teams, and solid business plans have found it impossible to weather the disruption of an international pandemic.

Gary “Diz” Window is one of those guys.

In January, things turned out well for his new concept restaurant on Elm Street, Diz’s Cafe. But halfway to completion, COVID-19 entered the equation. The worst was the uncertainty. And even with restaurants getting the green light for alfresco dining, Diz’s still has a hurdle or two to overcome.

Instead of opening on May 25 as recently announced, they were again delayed by a late delivery of supplies.

Gary “Diz” Window is practicing answering the phone in preparation for the doors opening at Diz’s Cafe, located at 860 Elm Street. Courtesy photo

The concept of Diz is simple: comfort and convenience. The menu includes recipes that Diz has been making for years, since he made his debut as a “spaghetti boy” at Angelo’s. And his wife Judi Window, a not-so-silent partner in the business, also has an impressive pedigree when it comes to feeding the city’s hungry people – his great-grandmother Rose Paris made sandwiches for the workers in the city. mill and delivered them from his house. , “Like a canteen,” says Judi.

The team is completed by Billy Martin, Diz’s culinary partner in the kitchen. Together, they’ve created a menu that features a range of soups, salads, sandwiches, and the types of comfort food you wish your mom made for you again. Now Diz prepares them. And for something a little different, you can “create your own” tasty combo meal, with your choice of protein, veg and sauce from an extensive menu.

If all goes as planned, Diz’s “service window” will officially open for takeout on Thursday, May 28, barring further supply chain failures or global disasters.

Below is an overview of Diz’s menu. Follow their Facebook page for updates on their grand opening and check out the Q&A (under the menu) for a rundown of what to expect from Diz’s Cafe.

Judi Window, foreground, with the rest of the team, left to right, Diz Window, Michelle Guild and Billy Martin, in March. Courtesy photo

We asked Judi Window a few questions about Diz. She had answers!

Q. What’s the most fun you’ve had to build Diz’s Cafe?

Watch our mood board come to life. It was amazing how close we came to exactly what we imagined.

Q. What’s the one thing people can’t expect about Diz’s?

How our idea of ​​having a restaurant without waiters and serving full meals fits perfectly into our new world.

Q. What is your favorite menu item and why?

I love building your own menu AND the Brussels sprouts.

Q. What was the most difficult part of your delayed opening?

Having to cook every night!

Q. Will you have outside seating or just take out and deliveries?

We will have a “Window Service”

Q. Now that you’ve arrived at your grand opening, what was the most exciting part about opening a restaurant on Elm Street?

Actually spending some time downtown while looking for a location. We met a lot of great people, ate a lot of great food and visited some great restaurants.

DIz’s Cafe, 860 Elm St., Manchester, NH, will offer prompt service and quality food, including hearty meals available for reunions and families.

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