Mahira Khan’s viral photo appears on the cafe menu and on Twitter. I can not. Same


This photo of Mahira Khan recently went viral (courtesy Twitter)

Strong points

  • Café Liquiteria featured Mahira’s viral photo on the menu
  • Menu photos appear to have been removed now
  • “Inexpensive Marketing By Cafe Liquiteria,” Some People Said On Twitter

New Delhi:

You can run. You can hide. But you can’t escape Twitter. People on Twitter trended Mahira Khan again after spotting a photo of the Pakistani actress on a cafe menu. What particularly caught the attention of Twitter is the photo of Mahira which is juxtaposed on the menu and is taken from one of the photos that went viral recently, in which she appears with Ranbir Kapoor and can be seen smoking. . It appears that Karachi-based Cafe Liquiteria has posted photos of the menu (which have now been retired) on social media to promote Monster Shakes – the particular kind of food they seem to be known for. The poster appears to have a photoshopped version of Mahira, who is now with a straw instead of a cigarette, as in the viral images. What were you really thinking?

Twitter is split on whether the cafe’s menu deserves a troll or deserves a round of applause for its marketing strategy. “Inexpensive Liquiteria Coffee Marketing Tactic. Not All Publicity Is Good Publicity. What’s the message between the lines? Women are a publicity symbol?” read a tweet while another added: “Cheap Marketing by Cafe Liquiteria.”

Those who found Cafe Liquiteria’s marketing rather interesting posted comments such as: “Cafe Liquiteria does serious trendy marketing” and “This one is epic.” Another defended coffee with this tweet: “Liquiteria coffee is … their coffee … their rules … woh Mahira Khan lagayen … woh Sasha Gray lagayen … tmhary pio ka cafe hai?”

Mahira Khan was ruthlessly trolled over the weekend after some photographs of her, in which she can be seen relaxing and smoking with Ranbir Kapoor outside a New York cafe, surfaced on social media. The haters decided to troll Mahira for smoking and wearing a short dress.

Ranbir Kapoor and Mahira Khan sparked dating rumors after attending the Global Teacher Prize event together in March, since when dating rumors have occupied the gossip mills.

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