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Cook Justin Wright makes burger patties at Honey B's Cafe in Horseheads.  All of the dishes on the menu are homemade, owner Winnie Bennett said.

There are probably not many places to go to buy medicine and then order a plate of homemade eggs and fries.

But Gerould’s Pharmacy in Horseheads has developed a symbiotic relationship over the years with several restaurants that have shared its building, and Honey B’s Cafe is the latest to carry on this tradition.

Honey B’s opened earlier this year in the Gerould’s building, and a large interior door allows customers to move from business to business without even leaving.

“I believe both the restaurant and the pharmacy benefit in bringing customers together,” said Gerould owner Barb MacBlane. “The pharmacy opened here in 1987. The pharmacy was originally on the restaurant side, but changed about 19 years ago. Customers love it. There has been a restaurant here for over 20 years under a form or another. We grew up having ice cream for breakfast and lunch. “

When the previous restaurant on this site, Claire’s Corner Cafe, moved to another location last year, Winnie Bennett saw a perfect opportunity.

Bennett has never owned her own restaurant before, but she literally grew up in the restaurant business.

After the death of her 47-year-old husband two years ago, Bennett was looking for new ways to occupy himself.

Honey B's Cafe owner Winnie Bennett, left, chats with regular customer Betty Rush from Millport.

“I was a chef at the Spencer restaurant in Corning for 15 years and worked at Pudgie’s in (Hanover) square for 17 years,” Bennett said. “My mom always had a restaurant. When I was younger I worked at Pierce’s restaurant as a waitress. I love to cook. I tried working in factories and tried other things but I never liked them. “

Honey B’s Cafe is open seven days a week for breakfast and lunch, and all the food is made from scratch, Bennett said.

Bennett is personally at the business every day and she has another cook and three part-time waitresses to help her out.

The menu includes sausage juice cookies, omelets, quiches, homemade soups and desserts.

People often stop by Gerould’s to fill a prescription, then walk across for a meal or vice versa, Bennett said.

The old Elmira pizzeria bakes again in Horseheads

Honey B’s Cafe quickly developed a loyal following, many of whom had frequented Claire’s Corner Cafe and other old restaurants before.

Regulars appreciate the home-made cuisine and above all the friendly atmosphere.

“I can walk in on my own and feel comfortable. I love homemade fries,” said customer Vera Higgins of Horseheads.

“I come here every Thursday. It’s just comfortable. You feel comfortable,” said Higgins friend Loretta Arnold of Elmira. “I feel more comfortable here than anywhere else. I love hot dogs here, and the soup is delicious too. It’s better than any other place.”

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Honey coffee

  • Site: 2887 Westinghouse Road in Horseheads.
  • Owner: Winnie Bennett.
  • Hours: 7:30 a.m. to 2 p.m. seven days a week.
  • Information: Call 607-481-4418 or search for Honey B’s Cafe on Facebook.

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